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We are so excited to introduce Steel City Dance Company to the city of Hamilton! Established in 2020, SCDC strives to provide a welcoming, educational and exciting dance atmosphere for all Hamilton youth, at both recreational and competitive levels.

SCDC is home to Steel-Hers Cheerleading, an independent cheerleading organization that was originally founded in 2009 as part of Hamilton's own Steel City Steelers Football Club.

Over the past 10 years our mission has been to make dance and performance opportunities as accessible as possible for all Hamilton youth. Our teams are designed to be inclusive and inviting, enforcing the value of teamwork. 

Steel City Dance Company and Steel-Hers Cheerleading are Hamilton born and raised, working to represent Steel Town any way we can. Volunteering at community events, such as Jumpstart Day, and performing at various venues throughout the city are just some of the ways we love to give back.

Although we show our love for football (and many other sports) with our loud voices and shiny pom poms, all of our teams are centered around dance and performance technique. Stunting and acrobatics are not a part of the Steel-Hers Cheerleading program. 


Steel-Hers Cheerleading currently cheers for Steel City Patriots Football, maintaining 3 teams; a Mini team for ages 3-6, a Junior Varsity team for ages 7-12 and a Varsity team for ages 13-18+. All teams cheer throughout the football league's season at a large variety of games.

Steel City Dance Company maintains an award winning Elite Dance Team for those students who wish to dance competitively. Recreational and Adult dance programs are also available in different styles and levels. 


Although dance experience is welcomed, we have always aspired to have programs made up of youth who not only have a passion for dance and performing, but also, those who love to work together as a team, and most of all have fun. Steel City Dance Company (Steel-Hers Cheerleading) is a community organization that is excited to provide dancers and cheerleaders with opportunities to participate in a number of fundraising events throughout the year, further supporting dance and football opportunities in the Hamilton Community.

Upon registering for our programs, dancers and cheerleaders are expected to be available for all upcoming practices and events. Schedules will be provided to parents/guardians in advance.

279 B Queenston Rd, Hamilton ON

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